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Yellow onions

Jawa-food yellow onions loose worldwide export shipment container

A solid golden yellow skin with firm flesh and a robust aromatic flavour with the right balance of spiciness is the yellow or brown onion. Although the name of the onion differs. We all mean an intensely flavoured onion with a yellowish-white inside in a golden-brown papery skin. Combined with a healthy and versatile diet, the vegetable can provide health benefits. Moreover, the onion is a tasty addition to various dishes served worldwide.

Red Allium Cepa

Cultivated through careful selection of breeding Allium Cepa’s. Resulted in the distinctive purplish-red skin. The flesh of the red onion is very suitable to use as garnish or decoration due to the beautiful red colour on the edges of the onion layers. Making the red onion excellent for use in salads and sauce. The taste of the Dutch red onion is of a milder aromatic flavour compared to its yellow sister. This red fellow contains a higher level of flavonoids and fibre, which have claimed health benefits in combination with a healthy and versatile diet. A high level of knowledge about harvesting and storing red onions is branded in the JAWA Food DNA. Making it possible to have high quality available year-round.


Pink onions

The pink onion is a relatively new strain of onions and a cross between the yellow and the red onion. The popularity of the pink onion is growing due to its unique colour and the perfect combination of the sharper yellow and the milder tasting red.  The unique, delicate flavour is especially ideal for pickling, resulting in an almost neon pink colour. Which looks great in combination with virtually any dish. Furthermore, this pink addition adds a lively sweetness. For this reason is the pink vegetable a true showstopper. 

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