Product range

At JAWA Food, we provide our customers with a versatile and diverse assortment of vegetables, fruits and FMCG. We work directly with carefully selected growers all over the Netherlands to ensure the year-round availability of a wide selection of products of the highest quality for the best price.


Jawa Food shallots yellow onions red onions worldwide export shipment container

JAWA Food offers a wide variety of yellow, red and pink onions. The JAWA onion is deliverable in both small and big sizes and everything in between. JAWA onions are harvest in the Netherlands. Due to the rich nutritious dutch soil, we can offer great quality onions for the right price. We aim to have the best price-quality ratio on all our products and deliver worldwide, wherever our customer might be.


Jawa food garlic packaging boxes 10 kilo kg 25 kilo kg

At JAWA Food, we can supply garlic strains in a large assortment of specifications. JAWA packs the garlic to our customer’s wishes. From a net to loose, we can meet any packaging request.

The Chinese garlic strains sold by JAWA Food are of the best quality and available in regular white, pure white and Snow white.


Jawa food carrots container shipment worldwide export

Carrots from the Netherlands belong to the best Daucus carota worldwide and are the perfect strain to export worldwide. The JAWA carrots are available in all classes and packageable in 10x1KG bags or 10KG packaging. We can supply the best quality-price ratio on carrots due to direct contacts with our growers and shipping companies.


JAWA food potatoes worldwide shipment export

We can find the potatoes whose specification serves the need of every dish—crumbly, waxy or suitable for fries. Our potatoes are cared for with love by our farmers until they can fulfil their purpose and be a delicious addition to the consumer’s plate.


JAWA food chicken carrots cabage apples citrus fruits vegetables rice french fries mayonnaise

At JAWA Food, we provide our customers with a versatile and diverse assortment. Our goal is to offer you the product your customers deserve. No question is too tricky, and we will help you to find the best vegetables and produce. We can offer you all kinds of other agricultural products like cabbage, apples or citrus fruits. We can supply FMCG goods like rice, chicken, french fries, and mayonnaise alongside fresh vegetables.