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Worldwide export of carrots

JAWA Food carrots daucus carota container shipment worldwide export

As a root vegetable shipped worldwide for centuries, “the Dutch Carrot” owes its name because of the beautiful orange colour produced by beta carotene. The sweet taste makes the carrot edible both raw and cooked. Giving your salades a chewy, crunchy bite. Additionaly the orange vegetable is overall a excellent and healthy addition to many dishes. Pureed, justified, chopped, or even delicious in a cake. The orange vegetable holds beneficial qualities such as its high density of multiple vitamins such as vitamin A, biotin and vitamin B6, even making a (carrot) cake “healthy”.

Carrots from the Netherlands belong to the best Daucus carota worldwide and are the perfect natural strain to export worldwide. The Dutch carrot is well represented in West-African countries such as: Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Burkina-Faso, Guinee-Conakry, Ivor-coast and Ghana. Due to the straight shipping routes from West European ports combined with the high level of knowledge of storing and preserving carrots in the Netherlands.

 The JAWA export carrots are available in all classes and packageable in 10x1KG bags or 10KG packaging. 

JAWA can supply carrots in the following classes:

  • B Carrots: Crosswise: 20/30 mm Weight: 50-200 grams
  • B/C Carrots: Crosswise 25-40 mm Weight: 200-300 grams
  • C Carrots Crosswise: 40-55 mm Weight: 200-400
  • D Carrots Crosswise: 50 and above Weight 400-600 grams.

We can supply the best price on carrots due to direct contacts with our growers and shipping companies. Cutting the cost of third party involvement. The best quality is provided through our production process. In which the first step before processing is the hydro-cooling method we use to cool the carrot down to its core. At the perfect processing temperature, the carrot will spend the rest of its logistical journey within ideal cool temperatures. To ensure that the product will stay in excellent condition.

Jawa food carrots container shipment worldwide export

JAWA works directly with multiple growers all over the Netherlands to ensure year-round availability of the highest quality for the best price. We have carefully selected our growers to provide you with the best quality to price ratio. Thanks to our direct contacts with shipping companies worldwide. We can offer our customers timely shipments directly from West European ports (Rotterdam, Vlissingen or Antwerpen) to the desired port of destination. Read more about our logistics.