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Worldwide export of potatoes

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We can find the potatoes whose specification serves the need of every dish—crumbly, waxy or suitable for fries. Our export potatoes are cared for with love by our farmers until they can fulfil their purpose. Namely to become a delicious addition to the consumer’s plate. The origin of the potato can be traced to Peru 10.000 years ago. Following a long process of selective breeding, there are now more than 5000 strains available worldwide.

Today potatoes are the vegetable found in kitchens worldwide and, due to their versatility, the vegetable now holds the fourth rank in the list of the most cultivated crops. The storage capabilities of the crop make potatoes an excellent product for export. Fried, cooked, boiling, mashing, deep-frying or baked. Are just some examples of the tubers easy usability. Thanks to it’s flavour it tastes great with a whole assortment of other vegetables, meats and fish. Potatoes are the preferred base vegetable on which you can build a meal due to their carbohydrates, leaving you satisfying and fulfilled.

At Jawa, we can offer several types of potatoes specified to the needs of end-consumers. Depending on the requirements, the potatoes can be delivered with soil, without soil or brushed. We at Jawa would advise customers outside the European Union to order the export potatoes with a bit of dirt due to the added value of more extended storage options in the country of destination. This advice is, of course, not applicable for import countries whose phytosanitary rules do not allow soil on the product. 

JAWA food potatoes worldwide shipment export

Sizes and packaging

We deliver the potatoes in jute or poly bags from 5 KG to 25 KG. The potatoes are available in all sizes and classes. Our standardised sizes are ass follows: 45 mm + 50 mm + 55 mm + JAWA works directly with multiple growers all over the Netherlands to ensure year-round availability of the highest quality for the best price. We have carefully selected our growers to provide you with the best quality to price ratio.  Thanks to our direct contacts with shipping companies worldwide, we can offer our customers timely shipments directly from West European ports (Rotterdam, Vlissingen or Antwerpen) to the desired port of destination. Like to know more about JAWA Food’s logistics process? Read more on Logistics.