About JAWA Food

Due to Pieter Jaarsma’s upbringing on a farm in the rural landscape of Burgundy (France), agriculture does not hold any secrets for him. Thanks to his travels since the youngest age, he understood the importance of culture and languages. Speaking three languages (French, Dutch and English) and learning a fourth (Spanish), making it possible to communicate with partners worldwide. Additionally, providing the benefit of doing business in your prefered language. His curiosity for cultures came with his love for travelling, which he continued throughout his career. Giving him the advantage to understand the opportunities and challenges of the different markets thoroughly. Although he tries to keep his carbon footprint to a minimum, he believes that building long-term partnerships is the most sustainable solution.

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In 2015 he expatriated to the Netherlands after studing at the BSB (the Burgundy School of Business). He continued to develop his knowledge of products and the logistical process through a semester abroad. Where he worked at the top of the trade division of the France Ambasee in the Netherlands. At the same time, he built a solid international network of producers, shipping companies and customers. Moreover, he became familiar with the entire logistical chain. Therefore being able to take care of the whole process from purchase to arrival at the destination port. 

Pieter aims to give you dedicated service to achieve a mutually beneficial partnership with his comprehensive knowledge of products, languages, and cultures.

Whatever you ask, nothing is impossible

Whatever you ask, nothing is impossible. The Jawa team is here to help you with every question you have concerning products, export or logistics.

Within JAWA, we aim to unburden our customers. You will always have the same contact person who will arrange everything for you, assuring you to be well informed and to have all your wishes met.