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Our goal is to offer you an enriched assortment of agricultural products in customisable packaging to serve your markets rightly. Onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic and cabbage, apples or citrus fruits are an example of the fruits and vegetables that we can provide to your destination. We also supply FMCG such as rice, chicken, French fries, and mayonnaise to serve you a diverse collection of products.  As a result of JAWA’s long-term partnerships with our producers, our range will constantly add new products. No question is too tricky, and no product is foreign to our expertise.

At JAWA, we find it important to visit all our producers, see where the products we sell come from and make sure that the quality fits our standards. We visit no matter where the producer is located. Due to our belief that face-to-face contact is the most essential aspect of business partnerships and quality control. 

Supplying the best quality is of absolute importance to JAWA Food. Although we are already working with the top agriculture producers from the Netherlands. We will always continue our quest to find the best vegetables, fruits and FMCG products suitable for your market. Therefore we can also supply citrus fruits from Egypt and Spain, Appels from South Africa and Kiwis from Chili. Combined with our agile supply chain, JAWA is built for utmost flexibility and viability, which allows our customers to order mixed containers of our assortment. We make it possible to provide you with the best product for the right price. 

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The JAWA way

Irrefutably JAWA Food knows no boundaries regarding our assortment possibilities, logistics, documentation and every other step in the export process. Our aim is you, as a customer or preferably a long term partner. With whom we will be able to build a sustainable partnership, which helps us both grow. Although we have no pretension to become the biggest company, we believe that growth is necessary to provide our customers with the best product for the best price. And that is simply what we want to be: The Best. 

How we do it? Check out our logistics page or contact us, and we’ll discuss our possibilities in your market.