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The JAWA promise

The specialisation of Jawa focuses on the whole supply chain. From product buying to the delivery at the port of destination. We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team, eager to deliver our customer and partners the best service. Although we call our supply chain agile due to our flexibility and focus on our customers, our business is lean at the baseline. That is why Jawa can procure its products on the source level. Thereby removing all extra (unnecessary) steps that add costs to the end consumer.

After years of experience and the accumulation of a great network, the international export of the vegetable and crops market holds no secrets for us. Our understanding of the products combined with our expertise in the global export of fresh produce aims to relieve you from worries. The moment you start ordering from us, till the moment the product arrives in your port of destination. We unburden you from the logistical documents and the inspection of goods.

Thanks to our direct contacts with shipping companies worldwide we can provide you with the best products before and after container shipment. We stand for continuity, quality, and our customer’s happiness for the best price throughout our supply chain.

That is the JAWA promise.

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With our knowledge and expertise, we provide you with the best products for the right price. Find out what we can do for you.

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The pure taste of JAWA

Our goal is to offer you an enriched assortment of agricultural products in flexible packaging to serve your market needs. Onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic and cabbage, apples or citrus fruits are fresh products that we can provide to your destination. To serve you a diverse collection of products, we also supply FMCG such as rice, chicken, French fries, and mayonnaise. No question is too tricky, and no product is foreign to our expertise.

Supplying the best quality is of absolute importance to JAWA Food. Although we are already working with the top agriculture producers from the Netherlands, we will always continue our quest to find the best products suitable for your market. Combined with our agile supply chain, we build or company for utmost flexibility and viability in the international export of fresh products. We make it possible to provide you with the best product for the right price. 

How we do it? Contact us, and we’ll discuss our possibilities in your market.